• Niko’s Dance Team General Rules

    • This is a nine-month program with possibilities of extra or cancelled rehearsals.

    • This may be paid in full, installments or monthly. Post-dated cheques from Sept-May are preferred but the cheques MUST be dated by the 20th of the PRIOR month. (ie Oct must be paid by Sept 20th)

    • Deposits are made every Wednesday, if there is a problem, please call Miss Niki

    • There will be a charge of $35.00 for all NSF cheques.

    • Failure to pay for classes prior to the beginning of each month will result in the child being asked not to attend.

    • Good sportsmanship MUST be shown towards all students of Niko’s Dance Team as well as towards dancers from other studios at ALL times. Please remember that you are an ambassador for the studio.

    • Throughout the year there will be information that the parents will need to know. Hopefully this will be sent by e-mail, as well as when cancellations occur whether it be due to inclement weather or sickness. Please check your e-mails each week to see if a message was sent out, or check the bulletin board inside the studio.

    • Niko’s Dance Team MUST BE INFORMED of any illness or conditions that arise during the year that may affect the attendance or ability of your child.

    • All children taken from classes for holidays or discipline reasons will still be required to pay the full fees for that month unless they are not planning on returning for the season.

    • If your child is leaving dance for the season, you MUST LET MISS NIKI KNOW!!! Or you will be charged up to the date when the studio is notified.  Leave a message if there is no answer.

    • We are a TEAM and as a TEAM it is essential that dancers make every effort to attend ALL classes to be fair to their fellow students.

    • A festival/costume deposit of $80.00 PER CHILD MUST be paid in full by the end of November. If you have informed Miss Niki that you do not want your child to attend festivals, the costume fee is $50.00 per child. If your child is in more than 1 dance, it is suggested that you budget for $50.00/costume/child. With this in mind, if your child IS in more than one class, a deposit of $110.00 per child is required. REMEMBER this is a deposit! If your final total is LESS than your deposit, you will be issued a refund. If your final total is MORE than the deposit, you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance. Payment is due within 30 days of receiving the invoice (unless arrangements are made directly with Miss Niki)

    • If your festival/costume deposit is not received by Nov 30th, interest will be charged at a rate of 20%/week.

    • If your festival/costume balance is not received within 30 days, it will also incur a late fee of 20%/week.

    At the Studio

    • All students must be on time for all classes and rehearsals as latecomers are a distraction.

    • Ballet classes are a must for lyrical and contemporary. And also for all children over 10 years of age in tap, jazz and Ukrainian.

    • No gum, food, pop or juice is allowed in the studio. Only bottled water will be allowed.

    • Hair must be out of the eyes for all classes and rehearsals. Ponytails or a bandana must be worn for hip-hop.

    • Dance attire must be worn for ballet (bodysuit, tights and skirt)

    • All other classes must be dance pants, capri’s, sweats etc. (no jeans!)

    • Spectators are not allowed in classes, with the exception of designated viewing days and bring-a-friend days.

    • Parents, when dropping off and picking up your child from class, please remember that the driveway is not available

    and neither is the truck lot across the street from the studio.

    • All of your child’s dance needs are available from Ellie Marusiak. These are new products and are from On Stage Dancewear out of Edmonton. (780-688-3715)

    ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL NIKI @ 780-688-3782 OR THE STUDIO @ 780 -663-3903

  • 1)Make a checklist of everything you need for a performance.  Include EVERYTHING.  Costume pieces, tights, shoes, socks, underwear, make-up, hair stuff etc…

    2)Be READY to dance one hour prior to the posted time.  The festivals can run ahead of schedule and it would be a shame to miss out.  This also gives time to warm up and do any last minute changes if needed.

    3)Girls hair must be worn in a LEFT part, low curly bun.  NO bangs or whispies!  Gel is your best friend this time of year.  This goes for all groups unless otherwise instructed.  Yes even Ukrainian please!  Any questions please ask Miss Niki, Miss Rae, Miss Amanda or Miss Christina before festivals.  The teachers will be very busy at the festivals so don’t wait until the last minute, ask for help before hand!!!

    4)Make-up: wine/burgundy colors, black eye liner, fake eye-lashes or lots of mascara.  Make sure the lips are nice and bright (burgundy).  With the stage lights the face gets washed out so don’t be scared to go heavy on the make-up.

    5) ABSOLUTELY NO PICTURES OR FILMING ALLOWED IN THE THEATRES!  If caught doing so the entire school can be disqualified, so PLEASE take you pictures outside or in the lobby.

    6) Costumes are only to be worn at the festivals and year end show.  Do not wear them to school or anywhere else.  Also, please do not wash the costumes as it may fade and look different from the others in the group.  Do not eat or drink while in your costume, just water, spills do happen.

    7) NO jewellery, NO nail polish, NO temperary tattoos, NO glitter.  These items can’t be worn in pictures or on stage so please leave them at home.

    8)Remember you are represting Niko’s Dance Team and don’t forget your manners!  Watch what you say, how you act and if you are able to go support other groups from the studio please do so.  It is always nicer knowing that there are people in the audience cheering you on.


  • Combo Classes

    Pink bodysuit
    Pink ballet tights
    Pink ballet slippers
    A pink shirt may be worn
    Hair up off the face and neck


    Black bodysuit (or tank top and black shorts)
    Pink tights
    Black skirts
    Hair up off the face and neck

    Jazz/Lyrical and Musical Theatre

    Any tight fitting dance wear (a bodysuit, dance top, shorts or jazz pants)
    Beige tights
    Beige shoes
    Hair up off the face and neck


    Any tight fitting dance wear (a bodysuit, dance top, shorts or jazz pants)
    Beige tights
    Beige shoes
    Hair up off the face and neck

    Hip Hop

    Flexible street clothes
    Clean indoor runners


    Black bodysuit
    Beige tights
    Red shoes
    Black skirts
    Hair up off the face and neck

    Adult Classes

    Anything you feel comfortable moving in

    *No jewelry to be worn in any classes, for jazz pants please make sure the foot is still visible.

    All your dance wear is available through Ellie at 780-688-3715